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Reply To: alepo + cisco TCL


All of Cisco’s TCL scripts work out of the box with Alepo.

Debug the scripts in Cisco to make sure your problem is actually radius related and not dial plan, otherwise contact Alepo Support, its available 24/7 to all customer under support contract.

Cisco’s ANI scripts are not available for download from CCO. These are default scripts burned in you IOS. clid_authen_npw is indeed one of them and will work well with Alepo.

Debitcard.tcl can not be used for ANI, its Cisco’s calling card IVR application and it works out of the box with Alepo. See Alepo admin guide or release note for Cisco configuration example.

Don’t worry about Honza Vomacka comments. He has no idea what he is talking about. He is probably getting paid by Porta to bash competing billing vendors. I don’t think he ever used an Alepo system.

You own one of the most professional and flexible VoIP billing software in the market.

Alepo is written in multi-threaded C++ code and is intended at professional VoIP providers where reliability and service continuity is important.
Alepo grid architecture enable you to add nodes in a live system to maximize response time and service continuity.

With Porta you are stuck with one machine that can’t faillover to another or even use multiple CPU’s.
It’s a hobbyist system that is nothing but a modified linux distribution containing unsupported, sometimes buggy, open source software, and a proprietary perl script you usually get for free in or
You don’t get a fraction of the flexibility and performance you get from Alepo but you do pay about the same price.