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Reply To: we can help any kinds of quintum config

MikeM to shayan


You shoul always tell what model of Quintum you have as there is a difference between the gen1 and gen2 tenors.

For your port question, I beleieve there are many posts on this forum that deal with this question and if you search for port, you should find them. In short, if you have a gen 1 tenor, you cannot change the port. Even if you see this in the static route, it does not work and is not supported. If you have a gen 2 tenor (AS/AX), people have stated that it can be done using a var_config file to change the port, but I have not personally seen this work.

For the long PDD (I am guessing that is what you mean by long calls) and unconnected calls, more troubleshooting would need to be done to determine what is happening.