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Reply To: we can help any kinds of quintum config


I am using Quintum D3000, and i use CDMA FWT connected to FXO line

I have few question to ask, and hopefully someone can help me with this problem.

the diagram:
A – Quintum – FXO – B

A= My PC using myphone to call

the scenario:
A calling B, after got connected, B hangs up, FWT status is diconnected, but in myphone status, i still got connected, I already configured SilenceBasedDisconnect for 10secs, but quintum won’t release A until A hangs up.

A Calling B, B is receiving call form another party, A is supposed to hear busy tone right? my FWT status is already disconnected, but A doesn’t hear anything and quintum won’t release A until A hangsup.

Has anyone ever used myphone to call to quintum? I use myphone and regardless of what codec im using, after the call got connected, i always got dropped after 2-5 secs

the configuration
SignalingType : Loopstart
ToneBasedSupervision : Answer and Disconnect
SilenceBasedDisconnect : 10secs
AnswerDelay : 60 secs

thanks in advanced

best regards,