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Reply To: we can help any kinds of quintum config


Hi MikeM
Thanks for replay and answers.
In reggards to my 3th question, I have founf imposible to be registred with Tenot to an GK and at same time to receive IP calls from other GWs.
this is nothing to do with allowing IP addresses, but with H323 GK registration where Tenor allwais looking at GK and if he will send any traffic. So is this GK (not mine) will enable this traffic, that is question.
In this case if I would like to increase my traffic, I have to find other partner and give this to Owner of GK and inf they made agreement (profit), I would be able to gain more traffic but still from GK.

So Tenor is able to work ONLY in GW2GW mode and accept IP calls and not GW2GK&GW mode