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Reply To: Quintum Tenor DX2060 – IP Dial Plan Prob

Noname to Ricardo

Ricardo, I tried a simila configuration, the only thing that I found on the Quintum was sending every single call that comes into the Quintum and “forced routing” to a single phone number on the other end (VOIP).
But I was not able to do any digit conversion/manipulation in a per DID basis.
After that, I moved those services to a basic Cisco gateway, and you get all kind of dial peers.
You could setup a number per each DID extension, and then send those calls to any number of VOIP destinations.
As a joke, I did setup a dial peer that if anyone did dial a number that contained my social security number on it, the call will ring my cell phone.
That will give you an idea of how flexible could be with Cisco.