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Reply To: Tenor DX2030

To Noname (MIKE3799)

Thank you very much for your reply.

My implementation is Intranet but plan to extend the VoIP network to PSTN of both sides, I have private WAN infrastructure using frame relay with 24 branches.

1. DX2030 will be installed at Head Office with Meridian 1 PABX using E1 as interface for DX2030.

2. The 2 units ASM400 will be installed in our 2 branches using analog phones (w/o PABX interfacing).

3. I already setup the 2 units of ASM400 and it can received and forward calls from VoIP network, I use 4 digits local number, 31xx for HO, 32xx for branch A, 33xx for branch B, using one of the unit as gatekeeper. When I dial from branch A to branch B, let say 3311, ASM400 FXS port1 at branch B receives the call and VoIP connection was established, it was the same when I dial 3312 for FXS port 2 and so on and vice versa from branch B to FXS of branch A, but when I installed/configured the FXO port1 of branch B, call from PSTN was received by FXO port1 at branch B using 2nd dial tone of the ASM400, but when the 4 digit local number were dialed say 3311 the call was routed to FXS port4 with local number 3314 instead to FXS port1 with local number of 3311. Is there any problem with my setup?

4. Also, when branch B received call from PSTN and gives 2nd dialtone the calls cannot forward to local numbers of branch A (32xx).

As of now, the DX2030 was not install because we are waiting for the E1 card of the Meridian 1 PABX.

From this setup which is better to use, stand alone operation or use DX2030 unit as the gatekeeper?

More power and thank you in advance.