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Reply To: Quintum A800 & SIP

Ahmad Khan

Quintum ‘A’ series (A800 etc) is upgraded to SIP but doesn’t have “OUTBOUND SIP PROXY” option. you cannot enter outbound sip proxy address in Quintum A800 …. infact Quintum ‘A’ Series is not developed for SIP it was developed by having H323 in mind so it is not recommended for SIP …. I said “not recommended” but It works with SIP but your service provider has to choose a different way. Using outbound proxy addresses as primary or secondary will not work.
Quintum AX Series is recommended for SIP Protocol.
secondary server acts as a backup server and only works when
the primary server is down.
an “outbound proxy” does not act as a backup proxy.

Cisco ATA186 has an ‘OutBoundProxy’ entry field [Version: v2.15 ata18x
(Build 030122a)]