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Reply To: FXO Disconnect Problem

Noname to Teodor

Darn!!!!! Twice in a week!!!

Must be the early stages of old age!!!.

My only hope is that someone else did learn from the post.

Anyway, the way to test for battery reversal applies to any gateway .

I found by accident another way to test the battery reversal on phone lines.

I have a very cheap two lines phone on my desk.

The LED that indicates wich line is busy works with power from the phone line.

For that reason, if you make a call on the line and wait for the remote person to hang up, you see the flickering of the LED when the centrall office sends the battery reversal.

That will be the ticket: Get a cheap phone with a iluminated dial pad or one LED.

Compatible with Quintum, Cisco, an any other gateways.