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Reply To: Cisco: IVR on IP call leg



YOu are right on both accounts. I am referring to 12.3(7)T IOS. And yes, I knew it was supported with G.711 but we are running VoIP on satellite links so g711 was not an option.
Why we are running IVR on IP leg. because our customers are using IP phones, softphones or smaller SOHO gateways to reach us.
I was able to find some TCL scripts on cisco’s ftp server but they are all based on TCL version 1. The new IOS is supposed to be supporting version 2, i thought it would be backward compatible but the scripts are giving errors even on loading. I am not sure whether it is because the script is bad or older version is not supported.
Is there a way to check those scripts? if anyone has IVRSoft, can you help me? I can email the script to you to check.