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Reply To: timed out waiting for the voice file


You could get the IVR message “technical troubles” for two reasons:

1)The Quintum needs to load a new audio file from the TFTP server and could not connect to the folder or server where the file is located.

2) The Quintum is unable to get a authorization from the Radius server.

On the first case, the message will play when you call in, without enetering any account number or digits.

On the second case, the message will play after you enter an account number and the radius is unable to verify the ammoun on the account.

Semms like your trouble is that the server where the audio files are located is now working, or the audio files got moved .

Since you reseted the unit, the Quintum needs to reload the audio prompts, and it is not working.

Go to the TFTP server where the audio files are located, verify that there is a folder with the proper name for Quintum to access.

Then go to the Quintum. Try to ping the I.P. address of the TFTP server from the Quintum to see if you have a routing trouble.

if all that is working O.K., try “load languages” command on the Quintum to get a fresh load of propmts.