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Reply To: Troubles with erratic DX2024 gateway


I am running P1-1-23, the one that was loaded when I bought it about 2 1/2 months ago.

Touble is as follows:

1)Caller dials in via PRI, IVR picks up and play prompt
2) Caller enters account number, gets validated on RADIUS and IVR plays the ammount
3)Caller dial the number,gets the IVR to say “you have xxx minutes”
4)Call goes trought, rings on remote end and remote user picks up the phone.

At thsi point, after about 3 to 5 seconds, the call drops, showing the following error:

“ch |01/01| 2004/04/21|21:53:34:555 h323[0]: tcall:RcvRelComp, cause=47 reaso

The IVR comes back in and instruct you to enter ## if you whant another call.

As you could see the ISDN part stays up, the VOIP is the one going down.

I have another group of trunks that are “forced routed” to a remote site, without using IVR or radius, and those work O.K. all the time.

The trouble shows up every once in a while, happens on every carrier, and goes away for hours or days after you reset the unit.

Any sugestions or information will be greatly apreciated.