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Reply To: Need reference on VoIP Billing


Yeah – I’ve forgotten to tell that the billing solution we have chosen after all that research is that of PortaOne. They are not in the top of our list, but there are two good things about them:

1. They had very good customer service and I hope their after-sell service will stay the same (will see in a few months)

2. They keep everything very simple and have a good set of documentation.

It’s been two months we’ve installed their PortaSwitch solution – that contains PortaBilling100 (the billing engine) and PortaSIP (a softswitch) – and currently we’re testing it in a prepaid phone card business in LA.

Replying to “noname” – PortaBilling100 solves the problem of …
“When the first call is in progress, make a second call using the same account number…”
… by not allowing more than one simultaneous access to the same prepaid account.