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Reply To: Quintum CMS/Cisco Interop

Saul Bejarano

go to H323 parameters on quintum:
set :
Primary GK Address =
Primary Auto Discovery = 1
Secondary GK Address =
Secondary Auto Discovery = 0
H.323 ID =
Register DN = No(0)
Ignore Bandwidth in ACF = yes(1)
Default H245 Tunneling = no(0)
Round Trip Delay = 0
One Stage Dialing = 0
RRQ Interval = 60
H323 Interop Flags:
H225 GW Protocol = h323(0)
Do BRQ = 0
SlaveSessionId0 = 0
AllowFastStartOnly = No(0)
RRQv3plus= No(0)
ProgressInd Alert= No(0)
StartH245Flag= No(0)
Automatic Ext IP Update= No(0)
RTP Verification= No(0)
When you set this parameters note that is the IP address of your gatekeeper, this will authenticate the gateway to the gatekeeper and no call authorized by the gatekeeper will be permited, the idea of a gatekeeper is to serve as a single admninistration entity to all your gateways.
To configure the Cisco I will have to charge you.