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Reply To: VOIP over ISDN

Noname to Kris

No sweat, my friend. I have ADSL with only 64 kb in South America, and that is plenty for one channel.

They only give me around 54-56 kb on the “64” kb, and is plenty for a Quintum A200 to run one channel.

If you get ISDN, with only one channel active, at least in theory, you may be able to run three channels at the same time.

Two calls will be more realistic, but still no more than 25 kb per call,using tre G729 codec (that is not the lowest rate codec, but very popular)

But by all means, do noy buy a Quintum A200. They are bad news.

Any other quintum, I give them the benefit of the doubt. But about the A200, I am SURE!!!!!!

It is a piece of trash!!!