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Reply To: Prepaid card with Quintum A800


IVR is for free all the way. The only thing that you do is download the audio files from Quintum place them in a server or PC, install TFTP software on that computer (free download from many sites) and point the quintum to the file on the computer or server.

That will give you the prompt and the audio IVR files.’

After that you need the billing system.
Cheapest solution will be a hosted solution, something like a $100 dollars a month for a block of 100.000 minutes worth of billing.

If you buy your own system, you may be looking at a half decent machine to install it ($500 or more),windows, database and hen the billing system itself.

Cheapest working solution for around $2k, up to $100 k if you want to spend that kind of money.

Warning!!!!!! A lot of crooks out there selling cracked copies of somebody else systems, or just taking your money and running .

More dangerous to your pocket that one of those “Las Vegas” casino.

Or more dangerous than a pirahna on your toilet.

Take your pick!!!