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Reply To: Hard reset ws100


I have worked with the QTelNet line of gatewaysa and they run the same VxWorks OS on them, to get to the “boot page” to be able to reset the unit back to the defaults, any key must be pressed within the first 2 seconds of bootup. This is why you can’t restore the unit by telnet as you can’t establish a link unitl after the ethernet is active. The QTelNet units however, have a built in serial port on them just for reasons like this!. Unfourtuneatly the pinout is different. I am still playing around with my box that is doing the same thing, and have had little luck. A null modem cable does get the unit to boot ” further ” ( the unit holds the Ch1 LED steady as opposed to the flashing Ch3 ) and does not respond though. Keep us posted with anything else you guys find!