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Reply To: Low Audio Using Quintum A800

Noname to Vijay

There are a couple of plcaes where you could adjust the gain of the Quintum A800. Maybe someone worked on the box before and twiked the volume on the DSP section.

This is a copy of what I have on mine. Seems to work O.K.

config# dsp
config dsp# print
Voice Coding algorithm = 68
Voice Information Field size = 160 bits
Silence Suppression = Enable(1)
Minimum Jitter buffer = 60 msec
Maximum Jitter buffer = 300 msec
Receive Gain (PCM -> IP) = 3 dB
Transmit Gain (IP -> PCM) = 3 dB
Digit Relay = 0
Fax Relay Type = 0
Fax Maximum Rate = 144
Fax Playout FIFO nominal delay = 600
Fax Coding = 0
Idle Time = 0
Answer Supervision Options = 2
config dsp#
If you want to change the volume, put a question mark at the end, and you will see the commands.

rxgain will change the volume on one direccion

txgain will change on the other direction.

I think that the numebers are relative, meaning that a negative number (-3) means less volume thatn a (3).

Maybe a Quintum guru could explain it better.

There is another spot to change levels, but I could not find the rascall right now.

Best luck, and about the advertising filters, they work.!!!!

Just try to avoid words that could be confused with advertising.

There are not that many, and you could figure them out easily.

If I say anymore ,Tom will declare me “personna non grata”