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Reply To: VOIP setup


Hello All;

I need your help and expertise in desiding what direction I need to go.

I want to implement VOIP for our company. We have a head office in the US, and small branch offices in other countaries. The plan is so that each office will talk to any other office within the company using IP Telephony. We currently don’t have any enterprise network. Some locations may have one pc, and 8-10 users. The telephone is our backbone communication. Sometimes, we want a branch office user to be able to call from his office to another branch and/or its local pstn.

So far, I’ve been reading about VOIP, but get confused between the H.323 and SIP. I know they’re both provide the VOIP, but which one is better for me. I am looking for the cheapest and easiest one with the reliabality and clearance.

Any of your help would be so appriciated.

Thanks in advance.