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Reply To: Quintum to Cisco


Here comes the progress:
1- A normal telephone handset is connected to Tenor PBX port. No PSTN line is attached to the device.
2- We want to send this call to an existing soft switch.
3- I have loaded the tenor with factory defaults.
4- I set the country to UK and all the other fields are empty (long distance prefix, country code, area code, etc).
5- Using BE and SR 1 , I entered the soft switch IP.
6- Using PBX 1 , I set the multipath 0 , enablechan 1 a.

If I use “GK ROUTE 0” , it shows the IP of the softswitch. I set the correct codec using DSP and the calls are being sent to the soft switch but the problem is the destination NO is being sent as 0 ! The soft switch rejects the call because of it.
How may I make sure that the No which is entered by user on the PBX side is being sent to our soft switch? Why Tenor sends 0 and destination No while I have dialed a full International NO?
Could you please guide me with a note or work sheet or correct configuration to recive the call on PBX and send it out over IP or tell me what to do to solve the problem?
Best regards