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Reply To: lucent MVAM g/k and cisco g/k interop


I just received a basic license for MVAM 3.0.

I found I could change serial number in C:\winnt\mvam.dat such as MVAM-300-AN-01234567 and run mvam.exe again, there seems nothing wrong. so I think there is no license checking subroutine in MVAM.exe doing MD5 encrypt like license.exe but MVAM reads license from mvam.dat directly.

I have no way to fully test,as I have no installation disk MVAM 3.0.

So will anyone who has MVAM installed try to connect two MVAM by modifying MVAM.dat ‘s license.

By the way, lucent’document says a third party 96 ports gateway could register with MVAM 3.0. if it is true, could cisco call manager 3.x-4.x register with MVAM?