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Reply To: Your opinion about Quintum?



I have an answer supervision problem, the system starts billing whenever a call is connected while it’s still ringing, I tried different CASSignalling Group configuration, and i already reviewed the Answer_Supervision.pdf on the quintum Website.
The quintum is an AX series, it’s installed (with sims)in saudi arabia.

This is the Configuration as follow:
id: line (read only)
name: (Not Set) (name)
ORientation: 0 (Slave, User; default)
SignalingType: 1 (Loop Start)
GuardTime: 0 (numeric,default 10 ms)
Ring12Delay: 4 (numeric;seconds)
DialToneDetect: 1 (Yes, dial tone detect before di)
DialDelay: 1000 (ms delay; 0-default)
AnswerDelay: 120 (seconds answer delay, 0-default)
FlashhookSignal: 0 (No)
CallerIDDetection: 0 (Disabled,default)
AnswerSupervisionMoreSensitive: 0 (Disabled)
AnswerSupervisionDelayAnswer: 0 (Disabled)
AnswerSupervisionLessFilter: 0 (Disabled)

SilenceBasedDisconnect: 0 (seconds)
ToneBasedSupervision: 3 (Answer and Disconnect)
MINRingFrequency: 15 (numeric,default 15Hz)
MAXRingFrequency: 60 (numeric,default 50Hz)
DisconnectSupervisionOptions: 2 (on,off interval, default)
AnswerSupervisionHoldOff: 5 (seconds,0-20)
RingValidation: 1 (enabled)
DTMFONTime: 100 (numeric,default 100ms)
DTMFOFFTime: 100 (numeric,default 100ms)
RXGain: 3 (db)
TXGain: 3 (db)
Impedance: 3 (See CLI guide)
LineTemplate: 0 (North-SouthAerica/HongKong/Indo)
DialMode: 0 (DTMF Tone Dial)

id: line
name: (Not Set)
OverlapDial: 0 (No, default)
DIRection: 2 (Bi-direction;default)
ProgressTone: 0 (Off;default)
EndOfDial: 0 (Disable;default)
EndOfDialDigit: # (default;#,*,0-9)
AddEndOfDialDigit: 1 (Yes)
ForcedRoutingNum: (Not Set) (A Dialed Number)
ForcedRoutingNumType: 0 (Public; default)
TrunkID: (Not Set) (Numeric string)
TrunkIDDelivery: 0 (No Delivery)
TrunkIDDeliveryFormat: (Not Set) (0-9,*,#,literal character)
HUNTAlgorithm: 0 (Ascending)
ModemBypass: 0 (Disabled)
PassThroughEnable: 0 (No; default)
PassThroughID: 0 (Idx of a LCRG;default)
MaxHopoffCallsAllowed: 16 (default)

BusyOut: 0 (Ring Back)
TwoStageDialing: 0 (No)
AccessNumber: (Not Set) (0-9*# up to 20 digits)
AccessFormat: (Not Set) (0-9,*,# literal character)
ProvideAutoSwitchProgressTone: 0 (No,Default)
IVRType: 0 (No IVR; default)
Hairpinning: 0 (No,Default)
EnableExternalRouting: 0 (No; Default)
MaxTalkTime: 0 (Mins,default 0)
InBoundAccessLevel: 0 (0 to 127)
OutBoundAccessLevel: 0 (0 to 127)
StopAcctID: 0 (IP Addr; Default)
CallerIDType: 0 (Caller ID; default)
Play1700Prompt: 0 (No;Default)
PrefiXTrunkID: 0 (No;Default)
AutoSwitchNumberType: 0 (DID received)
AutoSwitchNumber: (Not Set) (DN)
HopoffNumberDirAttached[1]: HopoffNumberDirectory-1
HopoffNumberDirAttached[2..16]: (unspecified)
SIPSignalingGroupAttached: (unspecified)
CallerIDXlateDirAttached: (unspecified)

Please send me your suggestions any help is appreciated.