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Reply To: Your opinion about Quintum?



Sorry to ask this kind of question, but, I need to make an installation of a Quintum ASM400 (4fxs and 4fox ports), but to simply use as a kind of “pstn switch” that we can configure…
Making the installation for a VoIP system will be nice, but I have this configuration: 4 public tel numbers, i.e. 012345/012346/012347/012348… so on the FXO ports, on the other side, 4 phones on the FXO ports.

But, I just need to put a special prefix to those number, such a “010” for reaching the “outside”, what should I configure.
As, when I connect the lines and the phones, they are working directly, but you have to dial all the time the “010” before.
So I would like to make the “010” automatic, like that people will simply dial “normal” number.

Thanking in advance.