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Reply To: Your opinion about Quintum?


The hopoff feature is very easy to setup.

It does have two fields and components

1) The lampattern the string of digits that the quintum will be looking for,coming via I.P.
Most times is the country code, area code and exchange of the call, but really could be anything.

config# pstntg 1
config pstntg 1#lampattern 1 1713*
config pstntg 1#lampattern 2 281*

With these two commands you are telling the Quintum to be looking for calls that start with the digits 1713 and any number following, or calls to 1281 and any digits after that.

This is the first part, the “trap ” to get the calls out of the VOIP world to the PSTN ports.

Now , the “1713” and “1281” get deleted on the proccess, and you need to replace that part with something else.

config pstntg 1#
config pstntg 1#lamreplace 1 9713
config pstntg 1#lamreplace 2 9281

With these command, you are instructing the quintum to receive calls to 1281, delete the “1281” and replace that deleted part with “9281”.
Rememeber than on the US we need to send the are code even on local calls (10 digit dialing always,most places)

Hope that this info helps, or at least get you scientifically confused.

If you need help drop me a message