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Reply To: Your opinion about Quintum?


I don’t think Bob has a clue when it comes to Cisco’s IP Telephony products

I will say that Cisco’s SIP support is somewhat new and isn’t supported in all of their products yet. I understand that it should be completely supported either by the end of the year or Q1 2004. With that said, I’ve used Cisco for the core IP telephony equipment in all of my projects. Cisco supports all of the standards he’s listed above plus has some features no one else has such as Survivable Remote Site Telephony. Cisco is really serious about IP telephony, they seem to integrating support for it into all of their products from routers and switches to firewalls and ADSL routers. One minus for it is it isn’t cheaper than some of these lesser known companies but I’ll bet you it’s got better support than brand X.

I’ve been designing and deploying Cisco’s IP Telephony solutions for over two years. I done small sites from 50 users, to medium size call centers, to large deployments of thousands of IP Phones and an. I’ve deployed IP Telephony systems from all over the United States to Alaska, Hawaii, St. Petersburg Russia, and Seoul Korea.

Cisco’s IP Telephony products interact with a lot of other vendors add on products, such as billing, conferencing, paging, software enhancement, NMS (network management systems), IP Telephony troubleshooting tools and many more.

I admit I’m a bit biased towards Cisco products but if it works and works well why switch?