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Reply To: installing an voip and configuring voip

wilson boyrie

The Quintum A400 is a little sweet piece of equipment.Really you only need about 10 settings to be right to work like a champ.
Give a e-mail to and I could give you the steps to get it up and running.
What you will need: Power up the unit, install the network cable to the unit.You will need a static I.P.address asigned by your provider of internet service or network manager.
To start the unit you will need to connect to the console port (db 9 or normal RS232 port on the A400) using a computer or laptop.
Using hiperterminal,or procomm plus or any communications program, you will enter the I.P. address to the unit.
After that you could do the rest using a computer and a normal browser (explorer will do fine).
Let me know if you need a hand.