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Reply To: Cisco UBR924 and VOIP



If you are paying for multiple IP’s and know the IP address of one of them, assign that IP to the loopback address of the router.


config t
int l0 (thats a zero not letter O)
ip address x.x.x.x (has to be all 255’s)
wr mem

This will use the ip address of one of your machines, but you will be able to ping, telnet and make calls to the router.

It’s worth the extra $5.00 or so a month for the IP address unless you want to use NAT.

ALSO…make sure you set passwords on the router that people can’t guess. Since you are assigning a routeable IP address, people may try to hack it. 😀

CB – if you want to try it out, let me know and I’ll setup an answering machine or something for people to test it out with.

Wilson…if you know how to configure the gatekeeper…I’d like to see it work!! 😀