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Reply To: IP phones at home



I understand that people cannot believe in what I say, May be I myself wouldn’t, not knowing.
It is several years we are talking about VoIP and its future, but till now in my opinion it could not have a bright future.
Because when the voice quality is so low you cannot understand what the other says, it is better to go on using the normal lines and saving just not calling too much.

If anybody of you could use our phones I am sure he wouldn’t believe his ears.

I do not talk about technical details, first because I am not a technician, second because, as I said, the product will be ready to commercialize after the ITU show.
We have a prototype and we are discussing with several manufacturers to have the best price ( with the best quality of course)

I do not think there are other wi-fi phones on Ebays and we differ in the fact that there is, for the moment, no other phone that can connect to a public “Hot Spot” and go on the NET.

Regarding the protocols : As a user you have to decide if you want quality or if you don’t care about. And if you don’t care about you are free to use any skinny or SIP device (well they might be cheap). But if you care, you need to use protocols, codecs and devices which deliver the quality
(not compareable cheap – quality has it’s price).
As simple as that.
Besides, if something similar to what I propose could have been done, somebody else would have done it.I do not think I am the only visionary in this world.

I look forward to see you in Geneva, Florian.( seeing, in this case listening, is believing)