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Reply To: IP phones at home


Dear Patrizia
I truly like you idea. Great Italian spirit. Your invention over what FWD and IPtel have done is the promise of lower bandwith with good voice quality (can you deliver on this?) and the freedom of wirefree connection. Even if it were just to use it by oneself in a home without sharing the connection to others. The sharing aspect is great but many people might have justified concerns to open their network to strangers. However the low bandwith promise alone is worth purchsing whatever low cost apparatus you will bring to the market. An ATA also costs money and needs an external wireless phone. I guess your devices have value added components built in, such as caller ID and SMS like services. In what your phone differs from a normal WiFi IP-Phone I have seen on Ebay? Why do you have a proprietary acess point, why not using a standard one? If you can answer for security purposes and ease of use (automatical roaming), I perfectly understand and support a separate hardware. Otherwise I need explanation.
I may see you at the Telecom 03 fair in Geneva.