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Reply To: IP phones at home


Ben. That wouldn’t be advertising. Just indicate the www url since everyone NOT interested can ignore. If you happen to be the boss of that company you would just be doing PR and there is nothing wrong with it if you give us the best deal at the best price. But dare you if trying to recommend something mediocre at a high price, you will hear from me right here. A cheap equipment for me means less than 150 USD. And it MUST be standalone (home pc is often turnded off) and SIP compliant for the home user since H323 ist for geeks and corporate users because it requires a gatekeeper server.
Murrarij. The best devices IMHO are from Cisco being the ATA186 (around 150 USD)and the IP Phone 7960 (manager version of 7940)(from 250 USD used and from 350 USD new). An alternative may be a phone from Arrayvox that I have seen around 150 USD on Ebay. I think it DOES help to exchange experience and expertise on real brands and models and not just generic talk. Because we need a REAL solution, don’t we. I will keep posting when I have tested the ATA186 right now shipping to me. Muarrij, you have not answered whether you want to call point to point over internet or you also like to call the public phone network. This DOES matter to recommend something good. Basically a cheap headset or USB phone (all cost less than 40 USD)will be O.K. togther with a software solution (anybody knows MSN messenger ;-), it is SIP compliant!) handling the voice encoding. However I think making phonecalls with a cheap headphone is no fun. For me it must be a phone or at least a handset. Prices are indicated in USD since you would probably not know the exchange rate from my Swiss franc to Pound Sterling. We all may or may not be so fond of that big transatlantic country but they DO invent better VoIP products than “old Europe”, so for the GOOD deal you may have to look at news and products from across the border.