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Reply To: 2nd dail (quintum)


If you need to call from a single line phone to a single line phone, it is very simple.

You need to asign a phone number to the ports where the phonew is attached to .
Lets say site “A” have a phone on port one. All what you need to do is assign a number (real or other) to the port. That becames the phone number to that port.
It is simpler to keep the internation format, since Quintum route calls following that format.

Lets say that location “A” is in New York. You tell the Quintum that:

1) Country code is 1
2) Area code is 212
3) Port 1 is 555-1212
4) Port 2 is 555-1213

When a call arrives ,via voip that have the number 1 212 5551212, the quintum will look up on the table and route it to port 1.

If you need a sample configuration,email me mike3799@yahoo and I could send you a sample for a A400.