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Reply To: 2nd dail (quintum)


To enter a new I.P. address for the tenor:

Login into the machine
From the prompt type “config”
Now the prompt is “config#”
Type “unit 1”
Prompt is now “config unit 1#”
type Ip zzz.222.sss.ddd.

After you do enter the I.P.adress, you need to type “submit” for the terminal to keep the setting.
The changes will not be efective until you reset or reboot the unit.

You could use the “reset” command to do that.

If you have a e-mail that could hold around 2.8 mb, I could send you the whole quintum tenor manual.
No one working in a tenor should be without it.
be sure that you could receive around 3mb file.
Post your e-mail address and I will send it to you.