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Reply To: Tuning VoIP – Artisoft


When you say you are trying to get it to work ona straight h.323 gateway, do you mean the gateway built into the televantage product. I know with Televantage you can either use the make shift wftp32.exe file as a makeshift ftp site or use the ftp services on your server. Which of the two are you using, if any? Also are you going through a fire wall. If you are using one of the two ftp solutions and going through a fire wall, make sure that you have the following ports opened up. Assuming your using one to one nat for your ftp and voip traffic. ftp one to one nat TCP Ports 20, 21. VoIP one to one nat udp ports 2222-2242, 1718-1719 and TCP Port 1720. Again on my implementation I was using a televantage server with a sonicwall firewall. I was using the ftp service on the televatage server. Also, I had a dialogic VoIP card. If your implementation is similar this info will be helpful.