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Reply To: Why You Can Stick To iEnsemble! Gateway

iEnsemble victim

It looks like Kang Zeng is still trying to misinform the people:

So, you don’t understand what Nasir says “It hangs a lot, Call get stuck, 80% it was not working…”. Then how come everyone has experienced resets for no reason? How come it doesn’t detect the call progress tones when it does termination, as well as myriads other problems, small an big?

Vive was not decent enough to provide the latest firmware before they closed. In fact they left us with no support and unaswered emails for more than a month until they decided to inform us that they closed. they were giving this firmware for free anyway, why didn’t they give it to their customers before they closed then?

And they put the blame for closing down on the incidents of September 11th! As if Vive’s finaces were so badly hurt by that incident! I can’t believe this is the reason. the reason was that their product was in beta stage and they were selling it in the form. I wouldn’t be surprised if VIVE was closed due to debts from lost lawsuits from buyers.

You say that the iE has low cost billing pre and post paid.

BUT! Can you explain why the billing software dictates to the iE that a call should last for 10 minutes and the GW lets the call last for much more??? I’ve seen this “rare” case happen quite a few times.

Giving away a free firmware upgrade is considered something that we should be grateful? Not by far. Who is going to compensate us for loss of income and lost time? A firmware upgrade (downgrade perhaps? read below) is the least that Flashline can do.

Actually, I’ve been told that they are going to decrease the features of the iE in the next firmware upgrades because they want to make it more stable. I think this tells the tale for the iE stability, doesn’t it?

Scripting: Yes, scripting can do a lot of interesting things,

BUT what if you want to work with 5 or 10 different carriers who need separate prefixes each? Have you seen how long and complicated such a script can get? It probably will get larger than the script limit size. What if we need to change routing on the spot? Then we have to make a new script, wait until there is no call going on just to be sure, compile, reset and test.
This is a lot of time spent.

Concerning the billing again: low cost yes. Flexible, no. As I said, it looks like it’s in beta stage. There are many features that are not working. You can’t import rates. I had to insert ALL rates by HAND! Neither iBravo nor the iE give us the capability to know which port has an active call, which PIN is using which port, which number is being called on that port.

Also, we can’t terminate a call manually.

The debugging messages are useless in the form that they are presented in the windows of iBravo. If you have 2 or 3 simultaneous calls you CAN NOT understand which message goes where!

The same goes for the mesages on the console when you issue an xversion p-p command… There is NO documentation for these.

when you do xversion monitor, you don’t know which port is calling where.

As for low cost: it was low cost when you bought it. Now it’s cost is rising. Do you know that if you had a crashed hard drive or any other problem on the PC where your iBravo was installed, Flashline will give you a new activation key only if you PAY 50% of the list price? This is for something that you have ALREADY BOUGHT! And they ask you to pay half its price to use it again!

Also, the billing for FXO to FXO calls is not acurate, because it cannot bill properly for calls termianting on FXO. I have put the ABSOLUTE tone settings for my country. I have used the settings from ITU and I have measured them myself. They are NOT the tone settings that VIVE recommended. Now, after the settings that I made a channel hang seldom happens.

Having said this in order to show that there is no mistake in the tone settings, you probably know that the iE is NOT programmed to identify when to start billing for FXO to FXO calls. This is why we have to wait for the timer to expire and this gives WRONG billing! If the call is answered and a short conversation happens, and the user hangs up before the timer expires, NO CALL IS BILLED!

On the other hand, if the other party takes a long time to answer the phone and the timer expires, the CALL IS BILLED even if the other party never answered!

Also, you seem to know lots of technical info about the iE, for example, the fact that they use Audiocodes hardware. Together with the fact that you seemd to be the only supporter of the iE, clearly says that you have ties with the company.

You should know then that the iE


It does NOT detect voice. It does not even detect tones when it does termination, let alone voice! It detects tones only for incoming calls on the FXO ports!

As for the T.38 FAX have you read in the manual what it is supposed to do? It is supposed to SWITCH codecs during the call. Not to mention that, if you have the T.38 mode and not the transparent mode, the iE is NOT stable!

For show & tell: perhaps there is nothing to be installed on the iE, but you certainly have to do much tinkering on the web site. This is what the review was saying.

You say: “usage in customers’ applications need buy the technical support package”. This is what I have to say:


Enough said.