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Reply To: Keep this forum free


Hello Xavier,

I’m surprised by your message, because it’s quite rare for us to edit or remove a posting. However, we did introduce a mechanism to stop certain types of postings from being made, and those postings were clearly commercial. If you make such a posting, then you are diverted to another forum on this site.

Since taking that step, the quality of this forum has improved. Just look at the quality of the recent postings. Six months ago, this forum was full of “Who can terminate my calls” messages, which nobody is interested in. Feedback from other visitors has been very positive.

We do sometimes remove email addresses if the person posting a message is touting for business (eg. a consultant). This is not the place for commercial messages. This is for the open discussion of technical and operational issues concerning VoIP. But, we very often leave email addresses in place.

As for people leaving the forum: well, if they are trying to use it to advertise their products or services then, quite frankly, we want them to leave, because they do nothing for the quality of the forum. But, just look at the number of postings and how they have increased over recent months, and you will see that the number of participants is increasing.

Lastly, there are no charges made for participating in this forum. It is not possible to pay for an article on this forum. But, if a commercial message is detected, then the poster is diverted to a forum that requires a payment. We think that’s reasonable, because it keeps this forum free of commercial posts. Also, why would anyone expect free advertising? Our company has costs to cover.

Kind regards,
The Webmaster.

p.s. We removed your duplicate posting on the Starting VoIP thread. Nothing personal, but it was not related to that subject. If we had left it, then tonight, an automatic email would have been sent to the 31 other participants of that thread. That would not have made sense.