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Reply To: Are gatekeepers really necessary?


I run a small company under 20 people. I have just moved our admin
into another building, so the 2 offices are about 1 km apart. Between the 2 buildings a
10 Mb wireless link has been installed. Both offices have seperate PABX.
I have been looking into VoIP to connect the two PABXs. All I need is a hardware
solution to connect to an analogue port on one PABX to a spare POST line-in
on the other PABX. Both PABX are a Plesstel animal.
I was looking at the Cisco ATA 186 untill I discovered that I need a gateway
to go with it (and am getting no answers from Cisco in Australia!!). I have also
been looking at the Innomedia offerings.
Can anyone please help me in finding a small affordable solution, which would have a
tiny overhead i.e. 1 to 5 single phone calls an hour.