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Reply To: VOIP Firewalls


You also have to look at the RTP port range of the devices.

Here are general ports used:

RTP stream 16384-32767 (UDP)

For SIP:
either UDP or TCP 5060 for the signaling

A user agent MAY register with a local server on startup by sending a REGISTER request to the well-known “all SIP servers” multicast address “” (

For H323

Unicast GK Discovery 1718 UDP
Multicast GK discovery (UDP)
Registration/Status 1719 UDP
H.225.0 (call signaling for hosts) 1720 TCP
h245 is negotiated in the range of 11000 – 65535


MGCP version 0.1
MG and CA signalling – 2427 (UDP)

MGCP version 1.0
MG – 2427 (UDP)
CA – 2727 (UDP)