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Reply To: Gatekeeper shutdown

Chris Taylor

Hi Tony,

That was a great explanation; thank you. I tried using different alias names from Netmeeting as it logs onto the gatekeeper and you’re right, you can connect using the alias or account names.

In the set up I described (2 NM clients and opengk), do you think I am using GKRCS or direct? I would guess direct.

I have another Gatekeeper installed. It is Avirt Voice. It installs a SOCKS proxy and I guess this is to relay the actual media (although quite how Netmeeting know how to find the SOCKS server is a mystery to me).

Now, Avirt Voice goes a step further. It allows an NM client on the LAN to call an NM client anywhere on the Internet. Of course, the called party is not registered with my Gatekeeper, because it could be anywhere. Is this proxy function part of a gatekeeper’s role, or is it something additional that Avirt have created? Is that what OpenH323 are referring to as routed calls? As I said, with opengk, it doesn’t work.

Do you know of any other OpenSource gatekeepers for Win32? I’d love to experiment.