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Reply To: Gatekeeper shutdown

Chris Taylor

Hi Tony,

I’ve just had a good look at the OpenH323 project site. Are you involved in the project? It’s fascinating. Please excuse my ignorance as a bit of a newbie, but I am trying to understand opengk, the Gatekeeper.

I installed and run opengk on a PC on my network. I connected to it OK using Netmeeting clients on two other PCs. I can call between the two Netmeeting clients no problem. I cannot call a Netmeeting client that is not registered with the GK and I notice from the mailing list archives that routing has not yet been implemented.

So I’m a bit confused about what opengk actually does, because I can call between the two clients without using a gatekeeper. Does having a Gatekeeper manage the H323 messages better than allowing clients to speak directly. Or is opengk a base platform for further development by others.

Please help me understand the project. I already admire it 🙂