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Reply To: Why VoIP?


That still does not justify Why you should put VoIP in your company. Think of it, most companies has there telephone infrustructure in already, why rip it out , Replace your routers, upgrade your bandwidth, just to save a buck? Are you really saving? I mean ok Web to phone is cool and all that, BUT in most counties where there is a monopoly by one telco VoIP is ilegal.

So You can surf while chatting on the phone, What biggie is that? It is the same as just using a text chat to do the same thing.

Voice can be compressed to a maximun of 5.3 KB, with the G.723 CODEC, but how good is it, what about Jitter, delay, etc. I mean we must not forget that we are working with IP here that is unreliable, and sending the voice packets using RTP, that sits ontop of UDP, that is unreliable. Is there anyway that we could actauly say, Hey My network has QoS, and we dedicate X amount of bandwidth to voice, So what happends when the voice goes on the Internet, with no QoS.

Well this is my thoughts anyway, Just think that VoIP is a Big rush and waste, the same as WAP.