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Reply To: Clarent for sale


Dear Paulo,

Here are the details,Dear Sir,

Following is the specification of Clarent Carrier Gateway.

SYSTEM MODEL : GC – A032 – 3
SERIAL # 20220043 & 2022044


Windows NT4 with service pack 6
Clarent Gateway 3.1.1

Clarent® Carrier Gateway
Clear Calls Worldwide

Universal ports
Superior voice quality
Real-time fax
Advanced signaling protocols with SS7/C7 and PRI-ISDN support
Worldwide connectivity with T1, E1, analog and PBX support
Standards-Based network management
Scalable and stackable
Clarent Gateway Technical Specifications

General Description

Internet telephony gateway for connecting telephone voice and fax calls over the Internet or a TCP/IP intranet. The Clarent Carrier Gateway interacts with billing, call routing and network administration in the Clarent Command Center™ software package.

Product Highlights

Voice Quality: Clarent uses a unique combination of DSP and host-based voice processing for toll-quality voice transmission. Clarent Carrier Gateways use industry-standard G.165 echo cancellation.
Universal Ports: All ports on Clarent Carrier Gateways can handle voice, real-time fax, and data traffic transparently giving service providers maximum flexibility. H.323 Standard-Based Product: Clarent Carrier Gateways support G.711, G.723.1, and G.729a codecs as well as Q.931 signaling.

Scalability: 8-port to 120-port gateways can be “mixed and matched” and stacked to achieve the desired density in a given point of presence. Clarent Carrier Gateways support SS7/C7, PRI-ISDN, T1, E1, Analog, and PBX connections.

Flexibility: Service Editor, an IVR toolbox, allows comprehensive customization of the voice interface.

Availability: Optional PSTN fall back if the IP network is unavailable.

Manageable: Standards-based network management support via SNMP, MIB-II, and LanManager. Clarent products have been designed to easily integrate into telecommunications management network (TMN) environments.


Single Intel® Pentium III® processor 450MHz with 128MB RAM

Telephony Interface

Digital T1/E1 and analog interfaces available

Signaling Protocol

PRI-ISDN: USNational-2, INS 1500, EuroISDN
Wink Start, MFC-R2, DID and Loop Start

Ethernet Connection

10/100BaseT network interface card with RJ-45 connector

Remote Management

Clarent Gateways can be managed using telnet, SNMP, or Clarent GatewayView.
Clarent Gateways support SNMP V1 with a comprehensive management information base (MIB). Service providers can set parameters, poll devices for performance statistics and status information, and receive alarms when faults occur.

The Clarent GatewayView, a client application, lets network administrators view and control gateways remotely from another Windows™ NT computer. Port statistics can be viewed and ports can be managed remotely.

Each Clarent Gateway keeps log files for diagnostics. These log files can be streamed to a customer-defined IP address for centralized diagnostics analysis and troubleshooting.


Heavy-duty steel with locking front panel. Rack mountable (some additional equipment required). 19″ W x 27″ D x 8 3/4″ (5u) H, weight approx. 75 lbs.


Operating temp: 0º to 40ºC
Humidity: 10% to 80%

Power Supplies

Dual hot-swappable, 300W
115V 60Hz 1.2A maximum, or
230V 50Hz .7A maximum, or
-48VDC 2.6A maximum


Temperature, fan failure, and power supply failure


3 high-volume chassis fans, 82 CFM each


1.44MB floppy disk drive
2.5GB EIDE hard drive
32x CDROM EIDE drive

Keyboards and Mouse

PS/2 keyboard and mouse. Rack mount version available.
Industry standard SVGA connection

Required Connections

PBX or PSTN connection
10/100BaseT Ethernet connection with RJ-45 cat-5 cable

Customer Supplied Optional Equipment

Rack mount SVGA monitor and cable
Rack mount keyboard/trackball
UPS/Battery backup

Included Software

Windows NT
Clarent Carrier Gateway software

Other Required Software

Clarent Command Center (requires Oracle™, MS SQL Server™, or other ODBC-compliant database)