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Reply To: VOIP for small companies

Shahid Yusaf

I have a medical Transcription business. I would like the doctors
to log, record their dictation (normally 30-60 minutes
on a daily basis for each doctor) and send it off to us. How can this all
be organized and what would be the charges.

We should be able to down load the voice file on our server or we can
store it on a web server provided by you or any one else. So that we are
able to divide the messages up and give it to individuals to type. How can
that be done?

Most of the doctors are not computer literate. We have to make it so
simple that they do not get frustrated in sending the files as if they do,
we lose the business.

The entire system has to be very dependable. As our turn around time
is 12 hours. We cannot afford a down system or any such problems, how will
we take care of this.

I’ll be grateful if any one can take a look at this issue and get back to me
with the solution and the cost ASAP, so that we can start talking business.