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Reply To: VoIP managerial issues


Rookie – wish you good luck in your interviews. But more seriously, wish you very very good luck if you land the job.

VoIP for CRM! Pardon me, but I do not think that computer telephony is not there yet, even with the higher bandwidth compression yet! Hope Phone guy or some one else can correct me on this.

I tried a long distance telephone call on Dialpad, Net2Phone – it is good for saving money on gossip, but I do not think a customer calling up with a problem wants to repeat what he has said. As it is I find it difficult to get my name correct across the copper 🙂
Agreed, if the customer is looking into screen on which the call center guy wants to push someting into, while explaining what is in it – push to talk may be useful. But, I have tried Microsofts Netmeeting and I always end up holding a phone in my hand. Is this VoIP company boasting of any miracle technology?
Otherwise, what is the advantage. On the one end, the customer is going to be on the POTS and the other the call center on a data network?

What is the business model under which one is going to justify the IT investment cost of VoIP system for doing CRM?