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Reply To: Future of cct switching

Alex Yuen

Don’t be so worry. I am telecommunication engineer with twenty years experience. I came across changing from analog to digital switching equipment. Now everyone is talking about VoIP. Now I already work in VoIP about 7 months. I can tell you that if you haven’t any experience in traditional telecommunications experience then everything is seems to be new. But it is not! The VoIP is introduced in year 1997 to 1999. All kinds of telecommunication should have international standard regarding to the interface, protocol and etc. We can contribute our experience in the traditional telecommunication to those new technology such as VoIP. Actually VoIP will have many many problems such as the voice quality, compress ratio, bandwidth issue, and rely on the stability of internet. It is quite different between the VoIP is in private IP or public IP.

So don’t be to worry, but we to need to update myself for the telecomm technology is changing so rapidly. I can share all my experience in traditional telecommunication & as well as VoIP issue with you.

You can contact me