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Reply To: Seeking 2 terminate VoIP

Dustin H Nguyen

Are you looking solution provider for the following services and implementations ?

a. Implement VOIP Network
b. PC to PC
c. PC to Phone
d. IP Phone to Home, Office, PBX
e. Call Manager 3.0
f. IP Softphone
g. Active Voice
h. Unify Messaging Delivery for voice, fax , and email services
i. VPNs
j. NT and Cisco Security
k. Install, Configure, and Fine tune Ciscowork, Ciscoview, and Resource Essential Manager
h. AAA for authenticate, authorize, and accounting services for billing.
i. Originate and Terminating Wholesale
j. Negotiating Agents Service Contract Agreement
k. Negotiating Customers Buying and Selling Contract Agreement
l. Looking for Collocation Spaces and Teleport Sites for both domestic and international
m. Forming a Strategic partner with Level 3, Global Crossing, ATT, MCI, and etc.
n. Buying or Provision T1, T3, OC3, STM1, ISDN PRI, Data and MIS circuit services with AT&T, MCI , Global Crossing, Level 3 , and etcs.
o. Looking to buy satellite bandwidth for National and International services.
p. Implement SS7 signal to work with SC2200 for better signaling
q. Domestic and International Rate exchanges
r. Have all rates quote and actual prices for variety products and equipments.
s. Working with different vendors on products and services
Are you interested originating and terminating traffic to China, Vietnam, Philippine, India, Hong Kong, Mexico, Chile, and etc. ?

Well, contact me and I will be your solution provider and services.

Dustin H. Nguyen
Senior VOIP Network Engineer