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Reply To: Traffic shaping

VoIP Calculator Webmaster


I note your comments, particularly on the problem with Admission Control – makes sense. I hadn’t heard of TRIB, but as you say, prioritising different types of traffic is going to tend to smooth out traffic, and make the bandwidth requirements hard to estimate.

Then along comes voice, and it is assigned the highest priority of all traffic. So perhaps voice would be the main factor in determining bandwidth.

Well, I’m still learning (can you tell :-), and I appreciate your input.


I guess you’re right, but measuring QoS in objective terms must be difficult. Also, delivering on ‘best efforts’ is something that us ‘bell heads’ have trouble coming to terms with. As overflow facilities cost money, network designers would be looking to quantify there costs.

It’s not just networks we’re trying to converge; there are two different ways of thinking 😉