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Reply To: help please

lalit tyagi

Hello Vygya
If you are talking about international call center it would require.
people can say without dialler also you can run.Next to impposible you will face so many problem.Business provider wont not give you business easily.
Dialler cost you (normal dialler) INR 25000 per seat.But i can help you on rental basis also for just INR 6500 per seat.
But frankly speaking you should have good amount of money if you think about call center.
The costing which i told you is general and applicable for all process.This is cost which is coming generally for each seat.
Business we also provide.we also help call center for all things.
we are alreday doing business with 4 centers
So if you need our help just give us mail id.i will shoot you mail.
Lalit Tyagi