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Reply To: Technology to show sales made by teams


I don’t know of any off the shelf products that do this…primarily because to do it real-time requires integration with the at least the ACD and possibly with the database used in order capture process….depending on what you want to track/show. So the programming would be custom & would mainly depend on the ease of access to ACD data. A non-realtime process could be done through data entry into excel (where someone inputs data hourly or throughout the day off of ACD & order reports) & then displayed via html. The former would probably take a 250 hours of programming time & the latter maybe 100. We have built an interface to their ACD data where clients can go view stats real-time as well as randomly monitor calls & do other things. We can also offer a service that is $2500/month for the access. It’s pretty extensive but clients do LOVE it. But the real-time access to stats for clients and/or just internal motivation is a great idea!