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Reply To: Call center

Muhammad Tariq

well as far as the requisite linguistics and semantics skills are concerned. Being a pakistani i feel proud to confesss that we are by far better than our neibhours in terms of a neutral accent and techno literacy.All we need is some educated HR who can speak and who loves to speak.
In addition to this the PSEB pakistan software export board is offering training wherefor, pseb bears 75% of costs.
To further know about call centers you may well have to download the PSEb report on call centers in pakistan which is a free download on PSEB website under icon of publications.And suzzane book on
“How to successfully start and operate a successful call center in pakistan” is a must have book.
In this regard i may prove to be of some assistne as iam coming to islamabad to get the primary data for my call center B Plan in peshawar.
M Tariq IMSciences
MBA Marketing.