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Reply To: Before establishing centers in Pakistan

M Asif Ghaffar

Dear AK,

With all due respect,It is really good to know that there is some place where i can get in touch with you. I tried to get your cell # from people but they are quite hesitant, emails send to you are replied by telephonic contact by your staff who are not understanding never fullfill their words. I believe the contact as also made just to keep the heat down as it has not resulted in any thing.

I agree with you when you Quote:

Anwar Kazi – 20 Dec 2005.
Advise to all, please do not engage with so called, ‘Know it alls’ who come from abroad, do some Due Diligence on them before giving them any credence. We have gone thru this ourselves early on and have learned our lesson.

But this has not been my fault, so why am i being punished for all this. What ever problems there were, i had no connection with it.
The last thing i remember was you taking up the responsibility to get the matter solved feasibly, but the option given by the people who got in contact was not atall feasible.
I’d like to see you prove your self a responsible man.



I dont have ur cell # but i believe it is not tough for u atall to get my cell # as it must be in the records.