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Reply To: Before establishing centers in Pakistan



It’s an excellent idea to formulate a group of like-minded folks who aspire to help Pakistan. I have been in search of a group, and have been thoroughly disappointed by PASHA, OPEN (organizatiaon of Pakistani Entrepreseneurs in North American) and other similar organizations. Most of these are infested by politics and the people who are involved are more interested in patting each other on their back and talk about the successes.

I am based in the US, and it seems you’re based somewhere in Singapore/Philippines? Anwar is based in Karachi. We should all meet electronically and have a dialogue about this. Regarding your comment about promoting Pakistan, you’re absolutely right. I infact have given several presentations to both the Pakistani communities in the US and Fortune 500s about the relative positives of Pakistan. Again, the key is to present Pakistan in the context of something. Without any relative comparison, one can never have an intelligent buyer about why Pakistan is better.

Aamer, would you like to propose a virtual meeting time for all of us?